Trying to understand… Suicide in the Industry

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Trying to understand… Suicide in the Industry

December, 14, 2017

In the past 2 weeks the adult industry has lost three different actresses to suicide. Such a desperate, last act a human can make. I keep trying to understand how anybody can take their own life. Death is so final. Do they understand what they are doing? Understand the depth….dying is forever! Your gone… no coming back… no changing your mind. I don’t pretend to understand depression but I do know, everybody needs somebody to talk to, a friend… a voice that doesn’t judge.If everybody could make one kind gesture towards somebody you know is having a hard time, please do so. That one kind gesture could be the one thing that keeps them going, that day. You, in turn helped, way more then you’ll ever understand.

“August Ames” Committed suicide last week. she was a beautiful young lady (23) with a whole life ahead of her. It seems as a result of many attacks on twitter regarding her stance on whom she is willing to work with or not work with in the industry. Now I know, she did not kill herself just because of some harsh tweets. She obviously had deeper issues gnawing at her soul. The tweets however, pushed her over that final ledge.

How is attacking anybody for what they want to happen with their body anybodies business? It’s not, never has been, never will be.

People are cruel… I find that those whom feel bad about themselves tend to tear others down. Trying to make themselves feel superior, when in fact they are no different, just different life issues.

Sticks and stones may break my bones BUT names will never hurt me….. easy to say when I am not the one being tormented but that was a saying in my home, growing up and my mom lived by it.
Like I said before, if you are called something long enough, you start to believe it. It tears you down. No, it was not one tweet that made her take her own life…… it was many tweets and I’m sure in her real life, she was already suffering in some form….. we tend to hide our pain. Not advertise the ugly parts…the not so sexy sides of ourselves but make no mistake…. we all have them.

I wish for a better world everyday. Less pain, less violence, less anger and more understanding and acceptance of every humans right to be different, to be unique…. to be themselves .

I try to be that person everyday of my life. Somebody needs me, I am there…. Somebody needs food, I share. Somebody needs comfort, I offer my ear and shoulder. Nobody should ever feel alone in this world…. It is far too HUGE to feel alone.

Rest in Peace ~

August Ames

Shyla Stylez

Yurizan (Yuri) Beltran

Please, if you need help reach out…. there are many 24/7 Crisis Hotlines

National Suicide Prevention:

Hotline ~ 1800- 273-8255

Crisis text line ~ TEXT Hello to 741741

Kisses, Emily Rain