Squirt Olympics Recap

Posted on October 4, 2017 at 4:15 pm / Written by

R.I.P “Tiffany”

Everyone has that 1 piece of equipment that’s “Old Faithful.”  The one that lasts longer, works the best, and you usually spend the most money on.  My laptop was named “Tiffany” for the Tiffany blue casing that protected it from virtually any damage.  She had the key cover, the shell casing and a screen protector to insure her ultimate safety.  BUT….none of that would guard it from it’s ultimate fate.

Last week, Winter Grand and I participated in a “Squirt Olympics” where we competed to see who could squirt the furthest.  The room was covered in plastic for protection, including the laptop.  There were clear plastic cups with different colored Kool Aid that would fill up with squirt juice once we started the games.  Everything was precisely planned and ready to roll.

I set off with some amazing streams but unfortunately they went in the wrong direction.  I ENDED UP SQUIRTING IN MY OWN FACE!!!  Yes…. splashing myself and giving myself a facial shower.  My aim was WAY off and didn’t even reach the cups!  I was SO sure I was going to hit each of the cups and remain the SQUIRT QUEEN!  There was no way the newbie squirter, Winter was going to OUT SQUIRT me!  NO WAY!

She was nervous, but prepared.  She drank water ALL day and even up until it was time for her to squeeze out that pussy juice.  She struggled for a while, having NO streaming squirt juice and just gushes of fluids emerging from her young puss.  Her determination would pay off in the end.  She started streaming, spraying and splashing a lot closer to the cups than I had ever reached.   Winter took the victory of the Squirt Olympics.

We returned to our normal days, and my good ol’ faithful Tiff worked normal.  Until Monday, she took the final plunge and bit the dust.  I took her to the doctor who opened up and found recent signs of corrosion in the logic board which caused it’s final crash.

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