More info about that urban Legend!

Posted on February 24, 2017 at 5:35 pm / Written by

Hello everybody! Alex Legend here! Just wanted to tell you guys how stoked I am to be part of the VNA and not only that but also to be the first guy to have an official site with the VNA! I already worked pretty hard to get my site to over a 150 videos but I still have a lot more scenes to edit and upload so enjoy the content already on there and be ready for some fresh videos very soon! Also I’m gonna be doing a weekly live show, started last Monday and it was a lot of fun!  The first 30 minutes of the shows will be a Q&A about anything and everything you ever wanted to know about being a male performer in the adult industry, the second part will be for all my fans who wanna see a little bit more of the Legend.  It will be a solo live show 3 times a month and then I’ll do a special show monthly so you can watch the hottest porn girls getting pounded live! All comments are welcomed about scene requests or performers you wanna see me shoot with or scenarios! Can’t promise I’ll make everything happen but I’ll try my best and if you don’t ask you’ll never know…

Wanna wish everybody a great weekend, have fun

and see you guys Monday for my live show

talk soon

Alex Legend