Good bye for now…

Posted on July 9, 2019 at 5:40 pm / Written by

It has come to that time for me to say goodbye, but hopefully not goodbye for good. This last year has been a definite roller coaster to say the least. Through my own health issues, and taking care of family members during theirs. God has a way of turning things around in amazing ways. Something that I thought was not possible to happen in my life has happened. I feel so blessed to say that i am expecting a baby.
I wanted to be honest with you all, to explain my absence. Being a part of the VNA family has always been a pleasure to me. I am sorry for being away for so long. I am so grateful to you all for your love support and patience. I have and will miss you all. I am not going to say goodbye, but I will see you all soon. Love to you all!!
-Adrian Morgan