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Marie and John’s ErotiqueTV broadcast occurs during NBA All Star Weekend festivities in Los Angeles.

February 15, 2018 – Impressive new star Hime Marie joins Erotique Entertainment CEO Eric John for their first ever sex performance live on this Saturday evening, February 17, 2018, at 6pmPT/9pmET. Their ErotiqueTV appearance comes in Los Angeles amidst the festivities of NBA All Star Weekend, and surely the pair will demonstrate all star skills of their own. “I’m a nice girl but also a boss bitch, “ said Marie, who’s swagger would fit right in with the star participants of either of the weekend’s featured sports. As is true for all ErotiqueTV feature productions, site members can view the performance live from two separate angles simultaneously, a unique feature of the website. Eventually, the edited high definition version of the show will be available to members as well; however, in the near term, the only way to witness this performance is live as it occurs at the scheduled time via the website.

“As usual, I am most drawn to the female performers who are intelligent, driven to succeed, highly productive, and in the industry for all of the right reasons,“ said John. “Hime absolutely fits all of those descriptions, and all of her work is impressive. ”Twenty-two-year-old Hime Marie (pronounced “hee may marie”) began her current path as a popular and successful cam model, as well as producing her own content clips, about a year ago. That was not her first attempt however. “I dipped my feet into camming the first time about a year before that, and frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing, “ said Marie, with characteristic straightforward honesty. “So I took a step back, learned more and prepared myself better.” Clearly it paid off, as Marie was included in the voting this year for Favorite Female Cam Model in the AVN fan categories. Yet Marie wanted more. “Being in porn was always something I’d fantasized about. I’d been watching porn for so long, certainly there is the sexual thrill, and Erotique Entertainment Inc.

Issued February 15, 2017, the exhibitionist aspect that drew me to it, and lately I really see the potential in porn to explore all kinds of different areas, from really pretty or really hardcore nasty, just anything. Now I am on a full scale explorative adventure, and I couldn’t be happier,“ Marie explains. After attending her first adult convention, an Exxxotica show in Denver March of 2017, by early July last year Marie was ready to do porn herself, and this new aspect of her career, like the others prior, has really taken off. “Hime is doing exactly what all talent – new and experienced – should be doing today. Performers can no longer rely on just scenes for their income; they need to webcam, they need to interact with fans and do appearances, and most of all they need to produce and market their own content. Not only is Hime doing all of these, she is doing them very very well,“ said John. “She’s just extremely impressive, and she’s kicking ass in all of these areas. I am really looking forward to see what our sexual collaboration can produce this Saturday,“ smiled John. “This should be extremely outstanding.“ I am very excited. ErotiqueTV should be like nothing I’ve done to date, and it sounds like a lot of fun,“ said Marie. “I’ve already been talking to Eric about ideas for the stills and the live portion, wardrobe, everything. We’re ready to produce something awesome together.” As a last note, John adds: “Plus, she has two first names in her stage name, just like me,” he laughed. “And her first one is hard for people to pronounce correctly. I wonder how many people just call her by the last part of her stage name like they do to me.” We should get along famously, “ John concluded.