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Issued February 7, 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Brand new 19-year-old starlet Jackie Rogen performs with Erotique Entertainment CEO Eric John on, this Sunday’s exclusive live boy-girl sex feature. The show, for site members, with Jackie Rogen and Eric John occurs this Sunday, February 9, 2020, at 3pmPT/6pmET.

Los Angeles, CA – Incredible 19-year-old beauty Jackie Rogen makes her debut on Erotique Entertainment’s ErotiqueTV in a feature length sex performance with Erotique Entertainment CEO Eric John this Sunday, February 9, 2020.
NOTE: This is the rescheduled show that originally was scheduled for November 24 of last year. The schedule changes had to do first with illness and travel schedules, and most recently with the implementation of a compliant AB5 payroll system.

Rogen did her very first scene with John on August 28 of last year. “It was an extreme privilege to be the one in Jackie’s first scene, it was very special, and it will always be special to me,“ said John. John had a direct role in causing that scene to happen. He was on set shooting for the same co-directors in a different scene two days prior. John was checking his phone during a break and had an email from Chris Cane at Foxx Modeling about this new talent named Jackie Rogen. Blown away by her, John immediately showed the directors, and the first scene of Rogen’s porn career came to be 48 hours later.

“My first scene was actually a day long shoot with Eric and Aliya Brynn, and included both boy-girl parts and boy-girl-girl parts,” said Rogen. “It was so much fun! Everyone was very nice, the sex was great, I was super excited!” There was a long scripted buildup to the sex; Rogen and John were in no mood to wait so they enjoyed a nice bonding interlude standing by the kitchen counter. “It was so hot when Eric put his beautiful cock in me,” remembered Rogen. “It is so big, it felt so good. I was really happy we had time to do that because I didn’t want to wait any more! I am really really excited to work with Eric again, I can’t wait,“ exclaimed Rogen. “And I know his studio is decorated with wardrobe from scenes, so I want to see where he has my signed clothing from our first sex!”

Rogen hails from Texas and is of Mexican ethnicity. She wanted to be in the industry because “I like it when people watch me have sex! I made some home movies with a boyfriend, and told my friends about it,“ explained Rogen. “They wanted to watch it, and I let them. As they watched it, I got a total rush, and I wanted more. I started doing private snapchat next, and I made a twitter to advertise it – the same twitter I have now @Jackie_Rogen. I tweeted that I wanted to start doing professional porn and my agent found me,“ said Rogen. “It all proceeded perfectly! Erotique Entertainment’s is ideal because so many people can watch Eric and I have sex,” said Rogen. “The people filming, the computer host, all the fans…. I am so looking forward to this.”

“You can see the fans jacking off for you on the monitors while we have sex,“ explained John.” “That’s awesome!” stated Rogen. Rogen and John’s feature sex show this coming Sunday will take place at 3pm PT/6pm ET, the standard weekly live boy-girl feature show time on (Live content is available on the site 7 days a week but the boy-girl feature times are always clearly shown on a banner on the site landing page.) Site members can view the action on two separate live feeds simultaneously – a unique feature of ErotiqueTV’s site. Viewers can also interact with comments via the host as the performance is occurring.

Another first for Rogen when she met John at her first scene was foot worship. “OMG it feels really nice when Eric sucks on my toes,“ exclaimed Rogen. “That was a first for me for sure, I want more of that on Sunday!” “Obviously that’s not a problem,” said John, as fans of Erotique Entertainment’sPornhub Premium fetish channel ErotiqueShoeSex are well aware. Adult Empire is working with Erotique Entertainment to launch a very high fetish site featuring leg, high heel, shoe, nail and multiple cumshot fetish material and much more.

Rogen’s long term plans include being in the industry a decade, then started a business in her 30s. She wants to open up a chain of yoga studios and settle down with a family. One specific: “I want to win an award for sucking dick,” said Rogen. “I think that would be amazing!” As John is a multiply nominated and award winning oral sexperformer himself, the pairing is ideal, and should lead to trophies in the future. Erotique Entertainment Inc.