New-to-Cam Cougar

Posted on March 14, 2017 at 4:05 pm / Written by

The Sunday Strip premiered this weekend and it was my first cam show. I’ve worked in fetish since Y2k and was a spanking model under the name Clare Fonda, currently enjoying my own ENF (embarrassed naked female) stripping site that has some hardcore elements creeping in. I had popped in on a friend’s show on the VNA network a couple of years ago so I knew it was a happy place and I appreciate Vicky for helping me get started on a network with so much talent. One thing I found super exciting was getting off with a bunch of eyes on me. I assume many porn actors have been into exhibitionism all their lives, stripping for their friends, always choosing dare and hoping it would lead to some kind of nudity. This is a really cool forum to have (whether you are a voyeur or exhibitonist) and I am glad I finally got involved in this technology!  My show will be back this Sunday at 1pm PT (Los Angeles time) and this week I will start the show in this amazing bra I have that makes my tits look like D cups. Please come check out the chick with the shortest hair and smallest boobs on the VNA network and enjoy my brand new blog.