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About: Jamie Foster

Hey, I am a chick in my early late 40's who has been in the fetish biz a long time and just getting into hardcore. I'm fit and funny and this will be my very first cam experience. I was pretty well known in spanking videos as Clare Fonda and my current site is stripping, submission, POV, voyeur and outdoor nudity plus some fucking! Needless, to say, I'm open-minded!

  • cupsize:B
  • waist:27.2in / 69cm
  • height:5ft 8in / 173cm
  • feet:US: 8.5 / EU: 39
  • age:48
  • role:Switch
  • eyecolor:Gray
  • sexuality:Straight
  • languages:English
  • favoritefood:Free Range Eggs, anchovies
  • favoritedrink:Vodka Soda
  • dresssize:4
  • bodybuild:Slim
  • fetishes:Spanking, Femdom
  • haircolor:Brown

Upcoming shows

Naughty Cougar Jamie strips and jerks with you as well as sharing the latest slut fashion she ordered but doesn't keep on for long. Do pop in!

  • Thu, Mar 30, 2:00AM EDT
  • Sun, Apr 2, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Apr 9, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Apr 16, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Apr 23, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Apr 30, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, May 7, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, May 14, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, May 21, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, May 28, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Jun 4, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Jun 11, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Jun 18, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Jun 25, 4:00PM EDT
  • Sun, Jul 2, 4:00PM EDT

New-to-Cam Cougar

The Sunday Strip premiered this weekend and it was my first cam show. I’ve worked in fetish since Y2k and was a spanking model under the name Clare Fonda, currently enjoying my own ENF (embarrassed naked female) stripping site that has some hardcore elements creeping in. I had popped in on a friend’s show on Continue Reading »