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About: ItsCleo

Upcoming shows

I do crazy live webcam shows for VNA members shows and also on MyFreeCams - Expect the Unexpected!

  • Fri, Jan 27, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Feb 3, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Feb 10, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Feb 17, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Feb 24, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Mar 3, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Mar 10, 10:00PM EST
  • Fri, Mar 17, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, Mar 24, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, Mar 31, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, Apr 7, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, Apr 14, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, Apr 21, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, Apr 28, 10:00PM EDT
  • Fri, May 5, 10:00PM EDT

Happy New Year from Cleo and Kimber!

Our last year of 2016! Kimber and I will do a show that you guys will still be talking about until the end of 2017! We live on opposite coasts of Florida so this doesn’t happen too often! Don’t miss this show! My normal timeslot, Fri, Dec 30 at 10 pm EST. See you there!