August 2018 Cam Show Winners !!

August went by so fast that it felt like a blurr.  I had to be reminded that it was the end of the month and to get my butt in gear to announce the monthly Cam Show winners for August. I’m happy to announce that these three ladies cracked the top 3 this month. These ladies bring it every single week and for that we say Thank You 🙂 Congratulations !!
Honourable mentions who also had 4 shows for August and very impressive scores include the following:
Penny Pax
Chellie DD
Payton Hall
Lonestar Angel
Hotwife Rio

 July 2018 Cam Show Winners announced

Where has the summer gone!  It’s halfway over already.  That being said, the amazing models of the
VNALive Network were hotter than ever burning up the month of July.
Here are your top 3 popular cam shows for July:
Honourable mentions who had 4 shows and very impressive scores include the following:
Rita Daniels
Lelu Love
Vicky Vette
Kelley Cabbana

Less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes high scores included:

Sara Jay
Cristi Ann
Chellie DD

Adriana Morgan



June 2018 Cam Show Winners !

June brings us a first time #1 Cam Show of the Month…..Eric John and his amazing Erotique TV Live secured the #1 place last month..great job Eric and your amazing special guests. Lone Star Angel had another fantastic month of shows and Cristi Ann was a very close third…all three deserve our congrats.
Honourable mentions who had 4 shows and very impressive scores include the following:
Daisy Destin
Sofie Marie
Lelu Love
Maggie Green

Less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes high scores included:


Nina Kayy
Rita Daniels
Maria Moore
Monica Milf
Natalia Starr


________________________________________________________    May 2018 Cam Show Winners !!


Amazing May brings us 3 previous winners to the top 3…..but there were several ladies who came dangerously close to breaking through..they just need a little help from the members to push them to the top of the board.
Honourable mentions who had 4 shows and very impressive scores include the following:
Nina Kayy
Daisy Destin
Jamie Foster
Hotwife Rio
Kelley Cabbana

Less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes high scores included:

Kristie Maxx
Dawn Marie
Carmen Valentina
Kimmie Kaboom
Penny Pax


April 2018 Cam Show Winners !!

Another fantastic month of cam shows for the members. It was neck and neck and came down to the very
last show of the month. Member votes really do count. Congrats to all of our amazing models.
Honourable mentions who had 4 shows and very impressive scores include the following:

Maxine X
Penny Pax
Hotwife Rio
Monica Milf
Adrian Morgan

Less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes high scores included:

Kimber Lee
Vicky Vette
Trinity Guess
Maria Moore
Nina Kayy


March 2018 Cam Show Winners Announced

Another amazing month of Cam Shows from all of the VNA Talent.  Thanks to you all for making the month
of March very memorable.       Daisy Destin 9.91     Maria Moore 9.88     Adrian Morgan  9.84

Honourable mentions who had 4 shows and very impressive scores include the following:

Erotique TV  9.83
Carmen Valentina 9.81
Monica 9.8
Sofie Marie 9.79
Lelu Love 9.96

Less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes high scores included:

Angelina Castro 10
Long Hair Leona 10
Platinum Puzzy 9.91
Kimmie Kaboom 9.83
Vicky Vette 9.81


February 2018 Cam show winners- Congrats

Another great month of cam shows from the VNA models.  You are all amazing.  Other  models who had great scores but had less than 4 shows or 50 votes include:

Erotique TV  10

Alexis Golden  10

Sammie Ross  10

Jackie Synn  10

Jamie Foster  9.97

Desirable Bottom  9.95

Lauren Phillips  9.90

Carmen Valentina  9.88

Kimmie Kaboom  9.86


Congratulations to January 2018 Winners

Other great scores who could have won but had less than 4 show or less than 50 votes include:

Sammie Ross  10

Long Hair Leona  10

Angelina Castro  10

Payton Hall  9.93

Deauxma  9.89

Carmen Valentina  9.87

Jamie Foster  9.86

Lelu Love  9.83

Vicky Vette  9.83


Congratulations to December Winners

Other great scores that could have been winners, but didn’t have enough shows or votes logged were:

Reyna Mae  10

Sabrina Castillo  10

Nikki Benz   10

Jelena Jensen 10

Platinum Puzzy  10

Dawn Marie  9.96

Carmen Valentina  9.95

Lelu Love  9.95

Chellie DD  9.92

Cristi Ann  9.91


Congratulations to November Winners

Penny Pax tied for 3rd place but with fewer votes.

Other remarkable scores that could have been winners, but didn’t have enough shows or votes logged:

RubberDoll 10
RitaDaniels 10
FalichaKarr 10
DawnMarie 10
SamanthaRone 10
ReynaMae 10
AllAnalAlltheTime 10
CristiAnn 9.98
Maxine 9.95
Sunny 9.95
BettyBang 9.88
Monica 9.87
Chellie DD 9.8


Congratulations to October Winners

Honorable mentions who could have won but had less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes include:

Kristie Maxx  10
Rubber Doll  10
Dawn Marie  10
Kimmie Kaboom  10
Victoria Banxxx  9.97
Sally Dangelo  9.96
Vicky Vette  9.96
Kelley Cabanna  9.95
Sammi Ross  10
Erika Xstacy  9.95
Kink 305  9.88



CONGRATULATIONS to September Winners


Other honorable mentions who had amazing scores just out of the top 3 or had less than 4 shows or 50 votes include:

Dawn Marie
Kimmie Kaboom
Sunny Lane
Cristi Ann
Marie Moore
Maria Moore
Rita Daniels
Jamie Foster
Hotwife Rio
Chellie Dee




Other honorable mentions who had amazing scores just out of the top 3 or had less than 4 shows or 50 votes include:

Jamie Foster
Emily Rain
Shanda Fay
Sunny Lane
Adrian Morgan
Vicky Vette
Dirty Lil’ Holly
Reyna Mae
Angelina Castro
Maria Moore
Nilous’ Playpen
Samantha Grace
Alexis Golden
Kristi Maxx
Chellie Dee



Here are the list of ladies who could have won but had less than 4 shows or 50 votes for the month:

Jamie Foster 10
Rubber Doll 10
Kimber Lee 10
Alina Wang 10
Rita Daniels 10
Platinum Puzzy 10
Emily Rain 9.92
Reyna Mae 9.87
Kelly Cabbana 9.87
Erotique TV 9.85
Maxine X 9.83
Kimmie Kaboom 9.82
Alexis Golden 9.82

June 2017 winners

Penny Pax #1 Winner! $250 score 9.89
Lelu Love #2 Winner $150 score 9.84
Shanda Fay #3 Winner $100 score 9.76


Every one of these below could have been a winner because the scores are high, but did less than 4 shows or had less than 50 votes total.

Nikki Ferrari 10
Jackie Synn 10
RubberDoll 10
KimmieKaboom 9.95
Jamie Foster 9.93
Dirty Little Holly 9.89
Sally Dangelo 9.86
Rita Daniels 9.84
Reyna Mae 9.83
Deauxma 9.83
Charlee Chase 9.82
Dawn Marie 9.82
Louise Jenson 9.81
Mandy Tyler 9.81
Jemma Valentine 9.77

The moral of the story? Do your shows! Advertise your shows! Get more people to come! Ask people to vote! Don’t be shy!

This month we also voted on most popular Moderator!

May 2017 Winners

Here are our winners for May 2017. Congratulations to all of our ladies. You all do such a fantastic job. Checks mailed shortly!

Once again winners are determined by at least 50 votes cast for you during the month, with the highest average score and at least 4 camshows for the calendar month:

1st Kelley Cabbana 9.92
2nd Monica Milf 9.90
 3rd Cristi Ann 9.89


Rounding out the Top 10 meeting the above criteria:
Lonestar Angel 9.85
Carmen Valentina 9.82
Vicky Vette 9.82
Honey White 9.80
Cleopatra 9.78
Rita Daniels 9.76
Akira Lane 9.75
Jamie Foster 9.75

Congratulations to all of the ladies who share their time with the members each and every day… It’s a hell of a community and we have a lot of members in common.

Between us we put on 198 shows this month for our members. The busiest day of the week is Wednesdays with typically 11 shows. The slowest day of the week is typically Fridays with 5 – 7 shows.

April 2017 Winners

Our collective members got 205 hours of group camshows in April! Pretty sweet huh? Lucky members!

Here are the May winners! Cheques going out ASAP!


Other amazing scores but less than 4 shows or less than 50 votes
AlexisGolden  10
Honey White 10
Alex Legend 10
MaggieGreen 10
Maria Moore 9.97
Louise Jenson 9.92
Kimmie Kaboom 9.96
NickyFerrari 9.91
ShandaFay 9.9
MandyTyler 9.9
ChellieDD 9.79 actually tied for 3rd but less votes
Eric John 9.79 tied for 3rd but less shows/votes
Lauren Phillips 9.78
Kelley Cabbana 9.78

Try to keep your schedule changes to a minimum? It’s really hard for website members to keep track of all the changes, and you will find greater returns if you are consistent. Also if you have a moderator in your show, each time you change your showtime it means the moderator has to change his schedule around you also and it’s not always easy, most of them have real jobs. Also try to say thank you  to the moderators, you know they do this for free…. We are all here to make a better place for models to do member group camshows so let’s all be considerate of each other.






Black Rose 10 (less than 4 shows)
Sally Dangelo 9.92 (less than 4 shows)
Alexis Golden 9.92 (less than shows)
RubberDoll 9.85 (less than shows)
Kristi Maxxx 9.85 (less than shows)
Rebekah Dee 9.8 (less than shows)
ShandaFay 1st Place Winner 9.79

Hot Wife Rio 2nd Place Winner 9.79

Monica Milf 9.79 (less than shows)
Cleo 9.78 (less than shows)
Akira Lane 9.78 (less than shows)
Rachel Storms 9.77 (less than shows)
Dawn Marie 9.77 (less than shows)
Mandy Tyler 9.76 (less than shows)
Jelena Jensen 9.76 (less than shows)
Adrian Morgan 9.72 (less than shows)
Falicha Karr 9.7 (less than shows)
Lelu Love 3rd Place Winner 9.68

We did 214 shows between us this month!
We had 209 shows reschedule? Seriously?
Thank you for making VNA Live great! All the combined members appreciate you!


February 2017

February was a short month, but we still managed to do 207 shows between us! Not too shabby!
There were roughly 150 schedule changes. (if you need to change a show, don’t delete, then add, that counts as 2 changes! Just press “edit” instead please?

Congratulations to our 3 winners who all tied for the top scores! Since all 3 ladies scored 9.83 we had to determine the win order by the number of votes. First time that has ever happened!

First Place LeluLove $250  – Second Place Adrian Morgan $150 – Third Place Daisy Destin $100

Other impressive scores were:
Nilous PlayPen 10
Alina Wang 10
Shanda Fay 9.94
Maggie Green 9.89
Kelley Cabbana 9.89
Maria Moore 9.87
Maxine X 9.84
Cleo 9.84
Carmen 9.84
Jen Hexxx 9.83

But they didn’t do the required 4 shows per month or didn’t get a min of 50 votes.

We missed a lot of shows this month I suppose because of XBiz and AVN, then afterwards everyone and I mean everyone was sick!


_____________________________________________________________January Winners 2017 !!_____________________________

NilousPlayPen less than 4 shows Average Vote: 10
RebekahDee less than 4 shows Average Vote: 10
RachelStorms less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.92
ShandaFay less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.85
SophieDee less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.83
TrinetyGuess less than 50 votes Average Vote: 9.79 <–first time I have seen this happen
LaurenPhillips less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.77
PennyPax less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.77

******LeluLove 4 shows!!! Average Vote: 9.75 WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! $250

RubberDoll Less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.74
MariaMoore Did shows but less than 50 votes Average Vote: 9.73 Are you forgetting to ask people to vote?
AlexisGolden less than 50 votes Average Vote: 9.71 Don’t be afraid to ask for the votes
SamanthaGrace less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.7
ErotiqueTV less than 4 shows Average Vote: 9.68
FalichaKarr less than 50 votes Average Vote: 9.68 ????Vote!

*****KelleyCabbana 4 shows!!!!! Average Vote: 9.68 WINS 2ND PLACE $150


*******Monica 4 shows Average Vote: 9.65 WINS 3RD PLACE $100

LoneStarAngel 4 shows Average Vote: 9.65 Tied for 3rd place but fewer votes than Monica

Your members got to see 195 shows! That’s still amazing! Thank you for the teamwork!

December 2016 CamShow Winners

Here are the Top 15 Scores!

Deauxma 9.81 (less than 4 shows)
Monica Milf 9.8 WINNER FIRST PLACE $250

Jelena Jensen 9.79 (less than 4 shows)
Lone Star Angel 9.77 (less than 4 shows)
Nikki Ferrari 9.75 (less than 4 shows)
Maria Moore 9.74 (less than 4 shows)
Adrian Morgan 9.69 SECOND PLACE $150

ShandaFay 9.67 THIRD PLACE $100

Samantha Grace 9.67 (tied for 3rd place but Shanda had 39 more votes)
Louise Jensen 9.67
Hot Wife Rio 9.64
Housewife Kelly 9.64
RubberDoll 9.64
Akira Lane 9.6
Penny Pax 9.6
Cheques are on the way!

November Results

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Here are the results for November! Feel free to tweet!



Other Notable High Scores!

Rubber Doll 10 (less than 4 shows)
Jen Hexxx 9.95 (Less than 4 shows)
Trinety Guess 9.94 (Less than 4 shows)
Platinum Puzzy 9.87 (Less than 4 shows)
Carmen Valentina 9.86
Adrian Morgan 9.86 (tied but less votes)
Reyna Mae 9.85 (Less than 4 shows)
Louise Jenson 9.84 (Less than 4 shows)
Honey White 9.82
Lauren Phillips 9.81
Akira Lane 9.76
Shanda Fay 9.75
Nilous PlayPen 9.75
Sara Jay 9.75
Housewife Kelly 9.75
Lonestar Angel 9.7
Checks going out this week!

Thank you for making VNA LIve great!

October Camshow Voting

So many amazing shows this month and so many high scores! Just for fun this month (and because everyone kept asking for more details) I listed everyone here who was over 9.5.
Check it out! Give yourselves a pat on the back! You are star performers! But you already knew that! Checks will go out right away! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

Combined we did 208 shows this month! Lucky members!

JelenaJensen less than 4 shows 9.93
AlexisGolden less than 4 shows 9.93
MandyTyler less than 4 shows 9.92
DaisyDestin less than 4 shows 9.91
SallyDangelo less than 4 shows 9.89
KelleyCabbana less than 4 shows 9.84
JuliaAnn less than 4 shows 9.82
CharleeChase less than 4 shows 9.82
LaurenPhillips less than 4 shows 9.8
CarmenValentina WINNER THIRD PLACE 9.8
Monica 9.78
HoneyWhite 9.77
RubberDoll 9.77
RebekahDee 9.75
MaxineX 9.74
LeluLove 9.73
KimmieKaboom 9.72
FalichaKarr 9.7
LoneStarAngel 9.7
Faith 9.7
JackieSynn 9.67
ErikaXstacy 9.67
SamanthaGrace 9.67
Vicky Vette 9.64
AdrianMorgan 9.64
Housewife Kelly 9.61
FetishRoxieRae 9.60
DawnMaria 9.59
AkiraLane 9.59
KimberLee 9.56
SunnyLane 9.55
NickyFerrari 9.52
GabbyQuinteros 9.52
BlackRose92 9.52
ReynaMae 9.5


September 2016 Winners

Congrats to these amazing ladies.  Stats for this month are not available.

Here are all the details for August 2016

Faith Score 10 but disqualified because less than 50 votes total between 4 shows.
Maria Moore Score 10 but disqualified because less than 4 shows
Mandy Tyler Score 9.88 but disqualified because less than 4 shows
Shanda Fay Score 9.85 but disqualified because less than 4 shows

Rubber Doll Score 9.84 First Place Winner $250

Maxine X Score 9.77 Second Place Winner $150

Carmen Valentina Score 9.76 Third Place Winner $100

Feel free to instagram/tweet your winning banners!

Checks are going out right away!


Other Amazing high Scores:

Sally Dangelo 9.76 tied with third place but less than 50 votes total for all shows
Akira Lane 9.75
Lone Star Angel 9.75
Honey White 9.75
Julia Ann 9.94
Kimmie Kaboom 9.69
Lelu Love 9.69
Deauxma 9.69

You guys are all rocking it! Hope your members are loving it! They got 213 free live camshows this month!

Don’t forget to tweet everyone’s shows not just your own!

There were only about 160 schedule changes, lol…. that’s actuallly an improvement!

July results are in! Woo Hoo!

Last nights almost 3 hour show sealed the deal for Lauren, lol… she is first!
Avg Score 9.81


Alexis Golden is 2nd with a score of 9.7!


In 3rd place is a tie between Carmen and HotWife Rio but Carmen gets the prize because she had more votes 9.69!


Other notable high scores but some less than 4 shows are
Rita Daniels 9.87
Sunny Adams 9.84
Brooke Tyler 983
Shanda 9.81
MaxineX 9.79
Nikki Ferrari 9.74
Jemma Valentine 9.7
Hotwife Rio 9.69
Honey White 9.65
Lonestar Angel 9.64
Daisy Destin 9.62

Here are the top 10 Scores for the month of June!

Rachel Storms Score: 10
Hot Wife Score: 10
Dawn Marie Score: 9.85
Kristi Maxx Score: 9.94
Charlee Chase Score: 9.76
All the above did less than 4 shows in the calendar month so do not qualify.

First Place Winner $250 Rebekah Dee Score 9.73
Second Place Winner $150 Lelu Love 9.67
Third Place $100 Kimmie Kaboom Score 9.67

(In the case of a tie, the person with the most number of votes gets it)

Carmen Valentina 9.67 (less than 4 shows)
Lone Star Angel 9.64

There were 203 schedule changes in the month of June! (changing the name or desc doesn’t count I delete those, these are time changes)
There were 214 shows in the month of June.

Banners attached! Feel free to tweet or instagram them! Thanks for making VNA Live great!
Winners please make sure I have your names and mailing addresses for the checks!
Kiss! Happy 4rth of July!


May 2016

First place goes to Rebekah Dee with 9.83! she wins $250
Second place goes to Lonestar Angel 9.8! she wins $150


Here is a recap of the top ten scores:
1 Dawn Marie 9.88 (3 shows)
2 Rebekah Dee 9.83 (4 shows)
3 LoneStar Angel 9.8 (6 shows)
4 Daisy Destin 9.77 (4 shows)
5 Maria Moore 9.76 (4 shows)
6 Carmen Valentina 9.74 (4 shows)
7 Lelu Love 9.73 (4 shows)
8 Monica Milf 9.72 (5 shows)
9 Honey White 9.72 (5 shows)
10 Trinety Guess 9.72 (2 shows)

Starting in June we will have a third prize of $100 (thanks to Candi Apple / Dirty Dee who are sponsoring it!) So you will have more opportunity to win a little cashe while doing your member shows that you have to do anyway!

Just out of interest and curiosity, there were 196 shows in the month of May and 156 camshow time/schedule changes lol… not really sure what to say about that!

Here are the Top Ten for the month of April

Maria Moore did 5 shows Average Vote: 9.92 wins 1st place – $250

Carmen Valentina Average Vote: 9.91 only 3 shows disqualified

Louise Jensen Average Vote: 9.85 only did 2 shows disqualified

Kelley Cabbana did 4 shows Average Vote: 9.79 Wins 2nd place – $150

Lonestar Angel did 6 shows Average Vote: 9.75

Monica did 4 shows Average Vote: 9.74

Kristi Maxx did 4 shows Average Vote: 9.71

Maggie Green did 4 shows Average Vote: 9.68

Betty Bang did 4 shows Average Vote: 9.67

Angelina Castro Average Vote 9.67

They were all so close! You are all winners, so many great shows and so many great performers! VNA Live is a great place because of you! I wish I could give you all prizes! Maybe as we get larger we can add a third prize too!



More interesting Stats

We had 202 camshows for members in the month

We had 150 schedule changes!

As always I’m here for you! Let me know your comments and suggestions!
xoxo Vicky


Congratulations!!!! Checks going out this week! Thank you to all the VNA Live girls who keep it consistent and sexy! 

FIRST PLACE: Lonestar Angel! Score of 9.63


SECOND PLACE: Lelu Love Score 9.61


Other noteworthy stats for the month of March:

In the case of a tie, (Lelu vs Shanda) the person with the most amount of votes gets the prize

Other interesting and notable stats
Louise Jenson Vote: 9.73 but only 3 shows
Jemma Valentine Vote: 9.62 but only 3 shows
Shanda Fay Vote: 9.61 4 shows but less votes than Lelu
Monica Milf Vote: 9.59
Lauren Phillips Vote: 9.59
Tasha Reign Vote: 9.58
Deauxma Vote: 9.56


Results are in for FEBRUARY 2016!

First Place Winner is Jemma Valentine Average Vote: 9.7
2nd Place Winner is Carmen Valentina Average Vote: 9.67

Does anyone else think it’s strange that both the Valentine and Valentina won this month? And it’s February?

Also very notable high scores
Mandy Tyler Average Vote: 10 not enough shows
Sophie Dee Average Vote: 9.92 not enough shows
Nilous Playpen Average Vote: 9.88 not enough votes
Monica Milf Average Vote: 9.84 not enough shows
Lauren Phillips Average Vote: 9.71 not enough shows
Rosella Rose Average Vote: 9.68 not enough votes

Feel free to tweet your congratulations to the winners!


January 2016

I’m proud to present Rebekah Dee with first place! You guys members voted her a 9.6 score.


Just a pussy hair behind her in #2 was LoneStar Angel with a 9.5!


Other noteworthy scores:
Sally Dangelo Average Vote: 10
Brooke Tyler Average Vote: 9.72
Kelley Cabbana Average Vote: 9.71
Carmen Valentina Average Vote: 9.64
Angelina Castro Average Vote: 9.58
Tasha Reign Average Vote: 9.55
Betty Bang XXX Average Vote: 9.50

(Checks go out by the 10th of the month latest. Model must have 4 shows in calendar month and more than 50 votes in the month to win)
Everyone is a winner though! Do one show per week and your members can share in all the shows on the network! VNA Live is the best ongoing live content trade ever!


Voting is working! Starting with the monthe of January 2016, at the end of each month we will be giving away prizes to the most popular cam girls!


Announcement of the winning cam girl will be made on the first, and check mailed on the 10th.

The most popular show gets $250

The 2nd most popular show gets $150

So starting January 1, 2016 – ask your members to vote for you during your shows.

Check this page each month to see who the winners are!


NOTE – Anyone who has not done 4 shows in a calendar month does not qualify even if they have the most popular show.

You must have a minimum of 50 votes per month.

Moderators cannot vote

Any questions hit me back!

Kiss! Vicky